A New Economic Reality, Paired with Virtual Reality.

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    The 49er is a custom built computer, optimized for mining and integrated with proprietary software.  Add more gpus and accessories to gradually increase your miner's power output and never get left behind if difficulty rises. Mine with CPU, GPU, and even ASICs

  • Modular & Multi-Coin

    Mine coins like Ethereum, zCash, Dash, Monero and many more (listed below)! Want Bitcoin or Litecoin? Add ASIC accessories to specialize your miner for certain coins and quickly increase earning potential! We'll order in bulk so you have access to the most profitable (frequently sold out) hardware.

  • Your VR Box

    As Virtual Reality devices like the Hololense, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive gaining popularity, gamers still need powerful GPUs and custom built computers to run them. Play while you earn with your miner's built in Steam and Oculus Stores.

  • Proprietary Pool

    Seamlessly connect your miners to 49er Pool, to mine all your favorite coins at competitive rates. Add power with cloud mining options, rent out your own mining power, or automate even your earnings.

  • CryptoHome

     Monitor and even spend your earnings in real time. Control your 49er from your phone and switch it to mine zCash before big news breaks. Get notifications when your unit is getting too warm, and adjust your fan settings remotely. 

  • Art as an Investment

    While traditional miners are ugly, bulky, and loud, the 49er positions itself at the intersection of art and technology. Four motorized fans open to cool your unit, while LED's alert you when you've mined a coin!

A Modular Miner for the Masses

We envision a future where our customers can plug in their miners and cancel their credit cards. With our full product suite, our clients can say goodbye to overdraft charges, pricey payment processors, index funds, and maybe even 401k’s. We don’t want to go back to the gold standard, we want to facilitate the new standard, by tooling those ready to rush.

Our beautiful solution that allows you to Plug, Play, and Earn. 


Your Crypto Control Panel has arrived. Our app is a cryptocurrency expert, so you don’t have to be. See your earnings pile up in real time. Track your earnings and store your coins in-app or move them to your mac or miner with our apple compatible cold wallets. 

Remotely mange your mining strategy, or adjust your miner's embedded LED's to match the mood.

49ER Pool

Most mining pools require coding experience to set up, and only give users access to a few coins. The 49ER pool seamlessly connect with all our miners, giving them access to dozens of coins. 

Users can rent their earning power out to other miners, automate and optimize their mining strategy, and conveniently access the service in the 49ER app. 

The 49ER pool will be available to users without our miners at a slightly higher fee. 

Mining Ecosystem

BlockBox (Pre-order)

BlockBox (Pre-order)

From Regular price $3,499.00

Bitbox (Pre-order)

Bitbox (Pre-order)

Regular price $1,499.00

ASIC Box: BTC Edition

ASIC Box: BTC Edition

From Regular price $499.00

49ER Accessories

We're building an ecosystem around our miners, so that you can make mining a part of your lifestyle. 

Our 4-in-1 cold wallets will help you easily transfer coins across all of your devices and out of danger.

Expect ASIC accessories, savvy software, 49er swag and maybe even an airdrop to launch soon!


Tune is every week as our team talks about the cryptocurrencies, mining, investing, politics, policy, and the progress being made on our product ecosystem.


About Cryptoconomy

IT ALL STARTED WHEN... just after the fall of Mt. Gox, when two of our founders launched Cryptoexchange.us. With an uncertain future looming in the distance, Will and Esaias took it upon themselves to begin building the infrastructure necessary for a crypto-based economy. When the SEC shut them down, the pair paid the fines and returned customer's coins safely to their wallets. Since, Esaias has become a top rated writer and cryptocurrency analyst on his Quora blog Cryptosignal. Will went on to help build Myspace, Cointerra, and the world's second largest search engine (take a guess, it's not what you think!). 

Now, with a new team (hailing from UT to Columbia University) and an old mission, Cryptoconomy is building a lasting laissez-faire infrastructure. Spread across New York, Los Angeles, and Austin, we're tackling cryptocurrency problems from every angle. As hackers, scammers, bankers, and black-marketeers continue to undermine the credibility of the cryptocurrency economy, we hope to create a platform where your coins are safe, your wallet is secure, and your news isn't curated by bulls disguised as bears. 

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Is Mining Income Taxable?

Mining should qualify for QBI in a pass-through (if not, then lease equipment in one), assuming volatility was hedged with futures contracts under Section 1256, solar panel tax credit and opportunity zones are just some that come to mind. If your miner is in your home office, you may also be able to deduct electricity costs.

What about Antminer E3's?

The dedicated circuit in the E3 optimizes their miner for Ethereum. Our miners will be optimized for coins with exciting partnerships and maximum usability in the day to day lives of our customers. We will be shipping our units with the next generation of GPUs to remain competitive while also giving buyers the option to add E3's to their operation.

Will the app be free?

Yes the app will always be free to download on iOS and Android Devices. Certain functions within the app may require subscriptions or other service fees for usage.

Can this be done?

Our team of partners and advisors have been involved in the first bitcoin exchanges, the first Bitcoin mining companies (Cointerra), and VC-backed software companies. Not only are we capable, we're already making progress, with prototypes and beta software already in development.

How fast will they be?

1 Pick: 30-40 Mh/s

Estimate your earnings here! Keep in mind, the next generation of Nvidia GPUs will be more powerful.


Will you have a mining pool?

Yes! Our miners will operate on 49er Pool, a proprietary cryptocurrency mining pool, so we can ensure your earnings arrive in your wallet and on time.

Is this just an idea?

Nope! Our team has built over 200 Ethereum miners. Our prototypes have successfully demonstrated all of our advertised functionality. The 49er App, proprietary operating system, and mining pool will be finished in April, with manufacturer sourcing currently underway for full scale production.

Do you have other products?

Yes! We have a a full suite of products under development. In the coming months we'll be introducing wallets, payment systems, AI business tools, News, VR/AR applications, Social networks, trading practice mobile apps, and more!